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What is My Social Teacher?
by Peter Malaczynski - Tuesday, 6 August 2013, 11:57 AM

In business, it is important to maximize all available resources without leaving any assets idle or unproductive. The education industry is not maximizing its resources because it focuses on teachers as its main source of educators and is ignoring a significant capable workforce.

There is another source of educators that exists and although they may not be qualified to teach an entire curriculum, they are qualified to tutor and teach socially. This workforce contains students who are currently undergoing their education. Students are usually identified as unqualified until graduation. However, education is progressive and a student does not automatically become an expert upon receiving a diploma. Therefore, almost any student is capable of tutoring, as long as he or she has surpassed the education level of the student needing help. For example, a year 9 student could easily help a year 6 student with homework.

My Social Teacher would encourage and recognize these possible student tutors by placing a monetary value on their time and education through the My Social Teacher Portal and the power of the Internet in a facilitated, safe and controlled manner.

A year 10 student could use My Social Teacher to tutor a year 7 student with his science homework. This year 10 student would not attract a professional wage, but if she receives 30% of the going rate, this particular student could earn extra money, simply by teaching what she has already learned.

This income could then be used for obtaining tutoring assistance for herself from a year 12 student and potentially become a self sustained private tuition program for that individual student. This would benefit the student tutor as well as the recipient, who would now have access to relevant help at a fraction of the cost of a professional tutor.

To reduce market entry obstacles for tutors we will open the system to virtually anyone.

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